Power to the people.

Revolut.io was founded on the belief that real change requires the power of the people. Democracy is about the contest for power. We have seen throughout our country's history that great things can come from leaders who rise due strong popular-will have done great things, while leaders dependent on a wealthy few have undermined our founding ideals.

A national wave of cooperation and understanding requires knowledge and hard-work. Our belief is that, by promoting the people-powered campaign style of small-donor donations and respecting the value of campaign labor, a new era of representative democracy can take hold. A people-friendly style of campaigning will lead to a people-friendly government, where people of all backgrounds and economic statuses participate in the political process.

Revolut.io was founded by David Gill, a political professional from the world of New York campaigns, whose work with candidates and elected officials showed him the way politics is fought inside the halls of power and out. His experiences in the world of big-dollar campaigns inspired him to find new ways to connect people to work towards change.

Revolut.io accepts clients and campaigns of all parties, with the belief that its people-centered technology will help improve democracy and society.

Campaign workers unite.

Our long-term goals include promoting paid campaign labor by creating an online marketplace for those wishing to work in the political space.

Interested in signing up for our pilot program? Send us an email here.

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